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The shoes for men put in step the rest of the outfit. This charming paradox of elegance imposes to choose them with intelligence. Because no matter what is worn, they always give themselves the last word. Perfectly modern with an ankle boot, the slim pants are timidly retro with the moccasin. And more so that they dictate the pace. At the slender swaying of the sneaker meets the haughty approach of the Richelieu. In all respects, the men’s shoe catches the game.

Best Quality Formal Shoes for Men

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Inherited from a long history where the nobility tries to emancipate themselves from a stark straitjacket, their charm has not aged. On the contrary, it rejuvenates. In light suede, the elasticized boot adopts a lightweight crepe sole. Ideal with velvet pants, a cashmere sweater and a tweed jacket, it embodies the natural chic. Dressed to the nines, the bridle boot plays modernity with a fluid profile. Born for the chic, it makes enter the cargo pants in business attire.

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Lying for a long time in the urban locker room, the shoe embodies a free, insolent and assertive lifestyle. Nothing scares him. Suede leather, tapered profile and fine sole, it delights the costume. Ideal to be chic while reinventing conventions. Mesh canvas, thick sole and compact profile, the rising basketball displays a futuristic design. Leaving the chino of his allure too wise, it reinvents modernity. Fitted jacket and chevron shirt will brighten the outfit of distinction.

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