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Denjord online store is the best brand for sports kits and products. In just over a century, sport and the sporting practices that accompany it have become a common genre, a global idiom and one of the most effective and rapid mechanisms for the dissemination of activities and organizations, that humanity has ever known. The social sciences and geography are interested in these phenomena, and researchers are beginning to give them the place they hold in society and the planning of spaces. However, sport is still absent from geography dictionaries that are nevertheless widely open to contemporary spatiality. This fact comes from the classic delay in considering these novelties, but especially the difficulty to define new geographical objects. The word sport, used without distinction by common sense, cannot be reduced to practitioners, competitions, shows, equipment, institutions or the sports market.

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Sports provide us baseball bat, baseball gloves, baseball, baseball games, batting gloves. It provides best bat, hard ball-bat, bat and ball, bat ball, best buy, 8 ball game, cricket bat, cricket kit, cricket kit price, best cricket bats. The Denjord provide us online cricket, cricket bat price, cricket shoes, cricket kit bag, cricket balls, cricket bats. This text has a dual purpose. The first is to clarify and delimit the use of the concept by marking the radical difference that should be established between competitive sports and playful sports practices. The second is to show that geography, the science of the space of societies, makes it possible to apprehend these sporting cultures by using the varied and renewed methods of the discipline, those relating to observation, cognition, and psychology.

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