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Baseball: The denjord baseball for sportsman

This discipline, close to baseball, of British origin and very popular in the Commonwealth countries in Asia, Australia or South Africa, remains very little known in France. “It’s hard to reach another audience, regrets the native of Pakistan. Most people arrive at the club knowing already cricket through their origins or their family. It’s very rare to have new people totally uninitiated. We had some, but they never stayed … “In particular: the duration of the oppositions may last several hours.

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Baseball Match

On the same principle as baseball, two teams of eleven players compete one that launches while the other bat. In the center of the field, a twenty-meter rectangular track separates the thrower, who comes in motion, from the drummer who must protect the wickets (sticks planted behind him), returning the ball (one rebound allowed) as far as possible to score up to six points. The drummer is eliminated if he has not had time to get to the other end of the track, if the ball has reached the wickets or if it is caught volley by a teammate of the pitcher.

“It’s as much, if not more, a sport of strategy than physical,” says Hassan Shiraz Ziarat, player and coach of the reserve team, playing both in the League of Haunts-de-France and in the third division of that of Ile-de-France. The pitcher sometimes takes several minutes to place his partners, and, for his part, the drummer must find the hole between his opponents. You really must see a match to realize it. “

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