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Gloves: The Denjord Best Boxing Gloves 2019 – Comparative

After several hours of research, I finally made my selection of the 6 best boxing gloves among more than 27 currently available on the market. My preference is the Hayabusa Tokushu T3, which offers excellent value for money while offering a cutting-edge design that will delight both amateurs and competitive boxers.

The best boxing gloves cheap

These entry-level boxing gloves are not only inexpensive but also perfectly suited to even the longest training sessions. Do not snub them because of their low price!

The Denjord is an entry-level boxing glove that will delight boxers and kickboxers. Designed specifically for combat, this pair of gloves has some very interesting assets, especially at this price!

First, its reinforced coating and shock-resistant padding make it an ideal accessory for kickboxing. This makes them particularly suitable for use as assault gloves as well.

In addition, Denjord leather is an excellent quality faux leather designed to withstand the toughest shots and to ensure a very long life. Not content to be durable, this material allows the glove to remain very flexible.

It is one of the best fake leather that can be found on the market.

Thanks to its strategically placed perforations, these Denjord boxing gloves benefit from optimal ventilation, allowing them to evacuate perspiration, thus keeping the boxer’s hands cool. This aspect is particularly practical during long training sessions.

In addition, a hook and loop bracelet is there to allow a fit and wrist support of very good quality to help the boxer to refine his technique of blows. Finally, the Triple-Shock Gel Equilibrium Sheet Shock Gel provides excellent hand support and also very good protection for blockages. It is worth noting that the RDX brand is known for having excellent customer service, which is unfortunately not always the case with other brands.

In conclusion here is a pair of gloves with a quality/price ratio that will be difficult to beat.

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