Ice Hockey stick


The stick is to hockey equipment what the bat is to the baseball equipment. The stick is the tool you use to interact with the puck. If you do not have an effective way to handle, pass and shoot the puck, your hockey career will be extremely brief. As is the case with a baseball bat, not all ice hockey stick are suitable for all hockey players. There is the length to consider, the type of blade, the material, the weight and more. But if you are relatively new to the sport, how are you supposed to know what is a good stick and what is not? It’s hard to know. That’s why we did the research and testing for you. Here are the best hockey sticks for 2019.

With a patented blade that allows easy handling of the puck, a solid wood handle that overlaps the line between the junior large size and the small adult size and a two-part construction that allows you to mix and match the sleeves and the blades, the Myles Eclipse is one of the best recreational hockey sticks all around on the market.

Ice Hockey Stick Quality

With this replaceable blade, the Eclipse NetFlow Stick is one of the few to be truly compatible with street hockey and ice hockey. You can replace components and find yourself with a stick that will work at a high level regardless of the surface you play on. The standard NetFlow blade is reinforced with fiberglass and very resistant. Which makes it an ideal choice for your street hockey tournament. Replace it with a lighter blade with a little more curve and you’ll have a top-quality ice hockey stick. Whatever your destination, the Myles NetFlow will serve you for sure. If you like hockey, check out our guide to the best air hockey tables.

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